Best Tourist Destination after Covid-19

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It was quite surprised me that Jared Ranahan has called Myanmar is one of the best tourist destination after covid-19 in Forbes.

I have reconsider what might be the reason for it?

And then I realized the number of confirmed cases in Myanmar is significantly low compares to other countries. The strategic for covid-19 by Daw Aung Sann Suu Kyi is quite unique and effective for third world country like Myanmar.

Even Japan media applause mask competition held by Aung Sann Suu Kyi. During pandemic she jumped into social media platform. She held public media conferencing frequently with multiple rows and position of peoples from across the country. That provides complete transparency of situation of Myanmar.

However we are not at position of determining which work for Myanmar in preventing from covid-19 but local transmission rate is very very low, almost zero as of today.

Most of local transportation and business are back at 1, June, 2020.


And I also think about attractions and traveler type.

Attractions we have in Myanmar can compare to Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia. For example Angkor Wat, one of the most famous attraction in Cambodia which is built at 12th century and 402 acres wide.

Compare with Bagan from Myanmar, which is built at 9th to 13th century and 12,368.8 acres wide.

More antique, bigger and more beautiful. Let me tell you the most beautiful and very unique sunset in the world can be experienced at Bagan.


Most of Asian countries has almost the same attraction and Myanmar has nothing less than others.


Travel lover who decide to go for Southeast Asia is nature lover, adventure lover and ancient cities lover. Myanmar has very quiet and green trekking place like Kalaw, Hsipaw and Pindaya. One of the most beautiful beach in the world, Ngapali, amazing Mergui can compare to others in ease.


Let me quote what Jared Ranahan said in Forbes


“Prominent tourist destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia have already propelled Southeast Asia into a world-class destination for tourists, but the region is still rife with hidden gems, with Myanmar, also known as Burma, serving as one of the most underrated. The country comes equipped with many of Thailand’s most charming attributes – ornate Buddhist temples, remnants of ancient civilizations, and bustling cities – while the developing economy allows more budget-conscious travelers to explore without breaking the bank. The capital of Naypyidaw is a planned city, notable for its massive size and low population (resulting in very little traffic), while the former capital Yangon is home to the nation’s most sacred Buddhist pagoda along with a wide array of English colonial architecture.”

Yes! Myanmar will be the best tourist destination after covid-19.



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