How do you get from Yangon to Golden Rock

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By bus

There are many local coaches going to Golden Rock with reasonable prices around 12 USD/pax.  Be aware that very crowded on some special day of Buddhism.

Bus leaves Yangon at 9:00 PM, around 10:30 PM there is a small break at a rest camp on the way and reaches the bottom of Golden Rock Mountain (Kin Pun Station) around 3:00 AM.

From there you will have to take an open truck to go to the top of Mountain. The thing is, open trucks start their operation at 6:00 AM in the morning.

You will have to look for a place to nap or place for breakfast before going to the top of Mountain. Many travelers complained that they wanted to stay in coach to get some more sleep but it is not possible.

As soon as you reach Kin Pun station, you will have to leave the bus and find a place like a tea shop or restaurant where they allow you to nap for  a couple of hours.

Anyhow, you will have to deal with this unconvinced situation if you are going by bus.

Depending on the occupancy hotel cannot allow that much early check in.


By flight

There is no option for flight


By train

There is no option for train ride




Driver, Petrol, Toll Fees Inclusive


By private car

Going by private car is the most popular for this sector. Hpa An and Golden Rock are on the same route so most travelers took private cars from Yangon for both locations.


Sightseeing in Golden Rock

Golden Rock itself is an amazing place in many aspects such as architecture, nature, and believers of Buddhism. The way of stone located at the edge is unbelievable. Today you are seeing this less amaze because in the lower level there is a pathway built. Originally, there was no such man-made place, just a big mountain.

There is no vehicle required for sightseeing in Golden Rock.

There is an open truck to go to the waterfall, the cost is like 3 USD. Apart from the waterfall, other places need to be explored on foot.

It’s a hilly location, someplace you think near but need to walk quite hard to reach. Be aware of it.

Buddhism believes that Golden Rock fulfills their wishes if you truly believe in and an exception is one wish for each trip. If you have a deep wish, you may take it a try.


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