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Have you thought about travelling to Myanmar but concerned it may be dangerous? Are you scared to bring your children? Do you want to know the best places to travel to in Myanmar?

Most of you have heard about the civil war that has currently been in effect in Myanmar. Myanmar is a diamond in the rough, located in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is home to many tribes that with unique living style and authentic. Beautiful Buddhist temples and relics. Deep Blue Ocean and beautiful beaches, lakes and UNESCO sites.

Now, whilst there are warnings and new articles about the internal conflict and civil war going on amongst cities in Myanmar for several years, this, however, should not affect your travels to this beloved country. Myanmar is generally peaceful place.

To answer your simple question of ‘Is Myanmar safe to travel?’ to. Yes, Myanmar is more than ever safe to travel to when it comes to tourist locations. The civil war will not pose a critical problem that will affect your visit. Myanmar is also said to be extremely safe to travel as a family, couple or even going on your own. Myanmar has many surprising, fun things for you and your family to enjoy on your stay and will be one trip to remember for rest of your life.

Will the civil war affect your trip to Myanmar?

The civil war between Myanmar and a couple of states have been ongoing for several years now. However, this will not affect your trip to Myanmar if you avoid certain areas that get restricted to everyone except the (regional) locals of that area.

Be sure to avoid off-road locations, areas with restriction signs or military zones in particular states. Nothing severe will happen if you do visit these locations. But you will get questions by the local authorities about the reason you are there. It is best to avoid the Rakhine and Partial from Kachin States.

Luckily there are tons of tourist attraction places are located in other states than red zone and top most tourist location like Bagan , Inle Lake, Shwe Dagon, Kalaw are very safe to travel. 

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Crime rate

When it comes to travelling to Myanmar, like any normal country, we cannot control all crimes that occur. But in Myanmar, it is unlikely for the chance of tourists to encounter any crime at all when it comes to the major cities. Myanmar gets shown to have less crime incidents than its neighboring countries.

This country only deals with having small incidences of petty theft, mugging and burglary. But this is very easy to be avoided. All you need to do is protect your belongings by having them by your side locked or zipped up. Avoid putting your belongings down. But there is only Yangon to avoid large crowds of peoples.

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Is it safe to travel individually?

One of the topmost asked question we have seen to date is, is Myanmar safe to travel to solo or do you always need to be with people? You can most certainly travel on your lonesome, and it is 100%, safe to do so. Due to the low crime rate in Myanmar, you can walk the streets at any time of the day, and still have no sense of feeling unsafe. The locals are super kind and friendly and often will help you with any request. Myanmar is generally a peaceful place, and many areas are worth the visit, especially if you’re travelling alone or with a loved one.

I hope this above facts has changed your mind or cleared up your questions on whether Myanmar is safe to travel to when it comes to destination locations. I hope that this article has cleared up any second thoughts due to the civil war. I hope this cleared up any conspiracies of the crime rate and whether Myanmar is safe enough to travel on your own.

In summary of it all, yes, Myanmar is safe to visit. Myanmar is generally very peaceful and is worthy for a visit on your holidays. I think Myanmar is one of the most peaceful places to see in the world. We hope you do visit Myanmar once COVID-19 has cleared up and it is safe to travel to do so. Till then, stay safe. safe to travel


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