No Covid-19 confirmed case yet in Myanmar

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Covid 19 has spread across the world and suffering from disease directly and indirectly for all aspects. Ministry of Health Myanmar is actively doing scanning suspect, monitoring and isolating them in separate hospital. 

Some says it might be false in some investigation stage and came out wrong result. Some says the information must be hidden for some reason.

Many point of view are emerge since Myanmar is one of very few country not found Covid-19 case yet (18,Mar,2020)

For us, we seen that government is using their maximum power to prevent from covid. Many actions are done by authorities such as sending back the whole flight to china, scanning body temperature manually at every border of Myanmar.

State counseller, Aung Sann Su Kyi founded central committee at 30,January, 2020  and leading herself. 

Ministry of health declare quarantine procedure for travelers come from europe, china, korea and USA. 

Authorities develop a web portal to distribute constant information about monitoring and investigation.

All festival, cinema, night life, school are close down till future good news about Covid-19 pop up.  

Nowadays social media is well developed and information can be hardly hidden if public know something or even public doubt something about this notorious covid-19. 

We have not seen such doubt case in Myanmar till 18, March, 2020. 

We are believing in ministry of health Myanmar that they have not found single covid-19 case yet.


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