Our Responsibilities for Car Rental


1.Vehicle breakdown assistance and mechanical problem


1.1 Vehicle breakdown may happen during the trip. The replacement car will be sent to the same location.


1.2 The replacement time may vary since most of our cars are located at Yangon, Myanmar.




2.Responsibility of Our Company


2.1 We shall accountable for the compensation of damages suffered by the traveler intentionally by us, or by our agent who has been engaged by us to make arrangement on our behalf. Such compensation shall be limited to cases where notice has been given to us within 3 days following the day when such damages have been suffered


2.2 In cases where the traveler suffers damage due to unusual and unforeseen circumstances arising due to reasons beyond our control, including, but not limited to acts of God/providence, acts of war, civil commotion, suspension and/or closure of Tour Services such as transport and accommodation facilities, exercises and/or orders from government and other public agencies, and other such circumstances, we shall not be held liable for compensation.



2.3 With regards to damage caused to baggage as described in 2.1, notwithstanding the provision of said Paragraph, we shall compensate the Traveler to a maximum limit of

100,000 kyats per Traveler (except in cases where the damage was caused by us

Intentionally, or was a direct result of our negligence/fault). Such compensation shall only apply provided we are notified of the damage, no later than 1 day after the day when such damage was suffered in the case of outside of Yangon trips.


2.4 Goods and valuable stuff of traveler are solely not responsible for TMTM.

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